Running away from home

When I was a young child I remember telling my mother if I ever ran away from home, she could find me at Granny Apple's house. My parents were in a bad motorcycle accident when I was in kindergarten and the three of us girls stayed at Granny Apple's house for several months while they rehabilitated.

Gerry Hutchison told me that when he was 2 1/2 years old he ran away from home from Glendale, Calif., on a streetcar to downtown Los Angeles. He seemed to have boarded the streetcar with a family so nobody thought about him being alone. When he got to Los Angeles the conductor noticed he was by himself and called the police. The newspaper published a story about him and his mom was so embarrassed because his overalls had lost a button and she had replaced it with a safety pin. Can you come up with a better story than that?

Amos Dougherty said when he was 13 years old he lived in Connecticut. He decided to hop on board a freight train and take it to New York City. When I asked him how he knew to get back home he replied, he took the train going the other direction. He thought it was about a 900-mile round trip. Wow!

Last week our daughter Jenee decided she was going to run away from home. She refused to go to bed at 8 p.m. and went to the pantry for Walmart bags. I think she filled up about 10 of them with her precious belongings. I assured my youngest son Davis she'd fall asleep and we would bag them up and hide them. At 11:15 that night she had finally fallen asleep so Davis quietly went into her room to collect the bags, only to find that she had tied each of the bags together with my dental floss so she would awaken had I tried to pick them up. How smart are our children? When I was little I would have never have thought of that, much less really have wanted to run away from home.

Holiday recipes

It's almost time for the holiday recipes and I am not sure if I have shared this one with you, but it is my favorite. I take carrots and julienne them. Then I saute them in butter until they are fork tender and then I sprinkle them with nutmeg. I don't like sugar but they are to die for.

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