Not the last we'll hear from Park

Much of the land Park Cattle proposed for development this last master plan cycle will someday grow houses instead of grass.

The historical trend in Nevada is never to count on someone else to protect your view.

Voters approval of the growth management ordinance and commissioners denial of Park Cattle are both signs that a slowing economy doesn't guarantee an approval.

Douglas County is littered with projects whose approvals have yet to turn into actual homes or businesses.

There are two casinos approved in the Valley that have yet to come to fruition.

An estimated 5,000 homes are approved, which at the present rate would take 100 years to build. There are commercial projects being completed but left empty.

All of which argues against approval of Park Cattle now.

But at some point, those factors are going to change and one day the property Park Cattle occupies will meet the requirements for a master plan amendment.

We fully anticipate the same debate will occur again, as it has in the past. A different time, market and plan could well be successful where this most recent effort was not.


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