The R-C Morning Report

There's a pogonip following the river this morning that the Weather Service says should break up at about 8 a.m. The freezing fog is going to be a bit of a hazard on the commute, so stay alert. Today's weather is forecast to be partly sunny with a high of 54 degrees. Temperatures will warm into the 60s through the week. From this distance, it doesn't look like next weekend will be rainy.

The seniors are hosting their Veterans Day observance at the Douglas County Senior Center today, since the center is closed on Veterans Day. They're not the only ones. Local, state and federal offices will be observing the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month on Tuesday by closing. Banks and the Post Office will be closed as well. The ink-stained wretches at The Record-Courier will be standing their posts.

Moisture for October, the first month of the water year, is running behind in some places and ahead in others. According to figures released by the National Weather Service, telemetry in the mountains shows above average snow levels at Poison Flat, Sprat Creek and Ebbetts Pass. Down in the valleys, October was dry with about a fifth of normal rainfall. What all this means, no one can say for sure. A good water year would be a nice change, and with two wettish weekends in a row, we might be in for one.


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