The R-C Morning Report

A couple of motorists who spotted some bushes on fire along Highway 395 just north of Holbrook on Thursday morning did something unusual. They stopped and put out the fire. Usually folks just call 911 as they continue on their way at 65 mph. The fire was apparently started by a lit cigarette thrown from a passing car. The report came in at 8:36 a.m. according to the Sierra Front Wildfire Cooperators Web site.

One of my readers pointed out that there's a heck of a deer herd hanging around the base of Kingsbury lately. I've spotted a couple of nice bucks strolling through downtown Genoa. This is when the deer get a little crazy, so keep an eye out for them on the road.

In a classic example of some stories being too good to be true, the threat to the Douglas County Democratic HQ turned out to be no threat at all. The Reno resident making the call on his cell phone, whom we'll call Kenneth, called 10 p.m. Tuesday, and after asking if the Democrats were going to send the ATF to take away his guns, cursed at the victim and hung up. A short time later, Kenneth called back talking in what was described as a "Darth Vader" voice. The victim said he couldn't quite make out what Kenneth was saying. The deputy who took the report gave Kenneth a jingle, seeing as the Democrats had his cell phone number. Kenneth admitted to making the call because he was frustrated by the election results, but said he didn't mean any harm to the workers at HQ. He apologized, and the deputy told him that making harassing phone calls was a crime. The whole mess has been forwarded to the District Attorney's Office.

I got a couple of notes from folks that they're having trouble finding the election results. There can't be too many of you, because it's the most read item, but I'll connect the Election 08 in the special features box to the results. Maybe that will help.

Looks like another damp weekend, with a 50 percent chance of rain on Saturday night, according to the National Weather Service. If it's going to rain, it will start drizzling early Saturday morning and then continue through the day. Look for a high temperature today in the 60s and a high on Saturday in the 50s. It's not going to be cold enough to snow down here, but it may be cold enough on the mountain tops.


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