What you don't know about teen parties

Do you know what goes on at teen parties? After sitting in on a teen awareness planning session recently with Partnership of Community Resources staff, and Douglas County Sheriff's Explorers representatives. I realized just how clueless I have become about teen parties. With my children, finally grown, I have pretty much lost track of the traps, trends and agonizing peer pressures teenagers are exposed to during this transitional period to adulthood. Recently, becoming a grandmother for a second time though, reminded me, and made me painfully aware that my own grandchildren will have to tackle some serious choices soon themselves.

And so, I decided to tackle a serious choice of my own. The choice to take responsibility in reeducating myself on the challenges confronting a teenager, as well as supporting a community awareness, involvement, and action effort designed by our local Partnership of Community Resources, to rally and keep Douglas County healthy and vigilant to dangers that could result from a community's lack of preparation and knowledge.

A dramatization of "Teen Parties Exposed" will be staged 5-9 p.m. Nov. 21 inside Douglas County Building Industry Association's builder's house. The purpose of this event is to help put in order, and explain the potential of what could happen at unsupervised teen parties.

The public is invited to participate and tour this theatrical production of "Teen Parties Exposed," a five-act (room) dramatization exposing drugs, alcohol and out of control behavior scenarios that may occur during an unsupervised teen party, along with a reenactment of a controlled party dispersal performed by deputies of the Douglas County Sheriff's Office.


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