Douglas still a red county

Tuesday's election results were the ultimate good-news, bad-news gag for Carson Valley's political partisans.

On the Republican side, the good news was that all their local candidates won. The bad news was that they lost the White House, the Senate, the House and the Nevada Legislature.

On the Democratic side, the good news was all of those things in the bad category for the Republicans. The bad news was that all their local candidates lost.

It was a good year for Democrats, but not so good that they were able to overcome basic math. In Nevada's second congressional district, that math adds up to a Republican majority no matter how you slice it.

In Douglas County, that math continues to lean heavily Republican.

If Democrats are gaining slightly on Republicans in the county, it will be a long time before they catch up at the present rate.

It's more likely that the number of voters registering outside of the two major parties will catch up with the Democrats before the Democrats catch the Republicans.

Democrats across the country thought they could pick up cars this election, and in many instances they succeeded.

But in Douglas County, having a "D" behind your name is more like juggling trucks.

The results show that no matter how optimistic, organized and motivated a candidate is, a truck is still too heavy for someone to lift, much less juggle.


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