The R-C Morning Report

I'm posting super early in the hopes this makes it on the site. We had some technical issues updating the site on Monday, which is why the Morning Report was really the late afternoon report. We don't anticipate that happening again, but that doesn't mean it won't. I've connected a link in the special features box to a blog that will hopefully be unaffected by the update issue. If our election coverage isn't live and in your face on the front page, click on the Elections 08 bug and we'll have material sitting right there.

The Madera County Sheriff's Department confirmed that remains found last week were indeed Steve Fossett's. Hopefully, that will finally allow conspiracy theorists everywhere to move onto something else, and finally give that family a little peace.

The Indian Hills General Improvement District voted to begin negotiations with James Taylor to be the new district manager. Taylor's a Fernley resident and native Nevadan, who spent a lot of years working for utility districts in Alaska. Should the negotiations pan out, he said he'll be ready to go to work.

This is going to be a long day, and from the snow shower we had at about 1 a.m., I'm betting a chilly one. We got mostly rain shadowed out from the big storm on Monday, but the Weather Service is betting we'll see a little rain today. Stan Kapler reported .22 inches of rain in Minden on Saturday. I think the west side got more than that.


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