The end to a long campaign season

It has been more than 21 months since New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson came to Minden to talk about his candidacy for president, which really kicked off the presidential campaign in Carson Valley.

That campaign saw visits to Douglas County by presidential surrogates of all sorts of people, politicians, actors, senators, generals and a former president.

Nevada's primacy in this presidential campaign went on display in January when the state's Democratic and Republican parties held their caucuses. Hillary Clinton and Mitt Romney won the state, but neither candidate would survive the selection process, showing how quickly things can change. Richardson, who felt Nevada was critical to his campaign, quit the race before the Nevadans had an opportunity to vote for him.

On Tuesday, Nevadans went to the polls to decide not only the presidential race, but others that may have a greater impact on our day-to-day lives.

But as our dismal primary turnout shows, a race for county commissioner doesn't have the star power that a presidential race has. Turnout for early voting has already exceeded the total for the primary.

Hopefully, the presidential race will finally be over by the time this appears in print, but there's no telling.

Congratulations to the victors and our sincere thanks to all who sought to serve their community.


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