Powder Puff football game tonight

It'll be the junior girls against the seniors tonight in the annual Powder Puff football game at Douglas High School.

The game will be the centerpiece of the school's 10th annual Mountain Madness event, which will also include a tug-of-war, a milk chugging contest and a lip-synch contest at the Big George Sports Complex.

Kickoff will be at 6 p.m. on the football field.

The junior class won last year, 28-18, and the seniors won the 2006 matchup 28-12.

The seniors hold a 6-2 advantage in the series, which will be contested for the ninth time tonight.

Brent Eddy and T.C. Estes will be coaching the seniors this year while Joe Andrews and Steve Gustafson will coach the juniors. A number of football players will be serving as assistant coaches.

"It's a neat deal, every year," Douglas High Block D advisor Ernie Monfiletto said.

"This was something we originally designed to promote some positive energy at the end of the year before we got out the door. We just wanted a drug- and alcohol-free event for the kids to come to toward the end of the year."

While attendance at Mountain Madness has always been strong, the event has changed shape over the years. Some of the first years included games like cow-chip bingo and hitting old cars with sledgehammers.

"We had some bizarre stuff at first, more carnival activities," Monfiletto said. "That didn't suit the clientele as much, so we've been more focused on stuff the kids wanted to do."

Yearbook signing will begin at 4 p.m. and runs until kickoff. The tug-of-war is scheduled for 8 p.m., the half-gallon milk-chug is at 8:30 and the lip synch will be at 9 p.m.

The booster club will be selling concessions and the Washoe tribe will be selling Indian tacos.

Admission to the event is $5, with all of the proceeds going toward funding Block D scholarships and school improvement plans. Projects that benefitted this year included the walls of fame at the football field and the new sound system in the gym.


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