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Big Goose doesn't speak for tribe


I read this letter to the editor of the chairman's removal being sought and

to set the record straight Miss Big Goose does not speak for all tribal

members, off or on reservation.

I feel this new chairman was voted into office by the tribal members looking

for a change. What some tend to forget is that the previous chairman in my

eyes did not do too much for this tribe, either.

I feel Waldo Walker had to tighten the belts and there was a lot of clean

up to do. I like the way he is making the programs that are offered to the

tribe more accountable some may feel this is not a good idea, but as a

tribal member I have seen these programs taken advantage of and I feel there

should be audits done to prevent further losses. To me this is a sure way to

find our mishaps. Waldo I feel has tried to make a good run of this tribe

and it's not easy to clean house after it has been very dirty for many, many

years. So Miss Big Goose is not speaking for all of us, and she has not done

things right either.

I and some others I know have never seen a petition at all, so I'm wondering

how she can say the tribe wants to remove our elected chairman.

Take it to a vote and see if there is a need for removal or not. Every

tribal member has a right to their own vote, and that is how our chairman

was elected into office in the first place. This tribe will always have some

members who always think they can run this tribe better, but then again it

always looks eaiser on the outside.

Cherylene Flint Garcia

San Lorenzo, Calif.

Thank you to

horse rescuer


Thank you to Cis Kemp for taking in the two horses you found wandering near

your home. I hope whoever abandoned them will pay the price for this cruelty

somehow, someday. People need to know that they cannot just turn out a

domestic horse to roam on its own. They are not happier to be "free" like

the mustangs. They have no idea where to find water, food, or shelter;

their feet hurt; and in their frightened and weakened state are easy prey.

People should exhaust all means to find someone to take their horse if they

can no longer care for them. There are rescue organizations out there.

Abandoning an animal to the wild is a death sentence. You wouldn't do it to

a puppy, don't do it to your horse.

K. Kortan

East Valley

Letter was

fair comment


What ever happened to freedom of speech? I sent a note about the Minden

farmers market that started May 20. I received a harassing phone call Friday

morning telling me to go back where I came from.

This person (man) wouldn't identify himself and said vendors change all the

time. I asked him if he had been at the Minden Market and he said "no," so I

asked how does he know what was there. He stated he has lived here 50 years

and that's the way the farmers markets are, and since when does a tri-tip

sandwich make a market?

Anyone can make a statement, but it is down-right rude for someone to call

your house and harass a person for speaking the truth on what was found that

night. If the towns of Minden and Gardnerville want people to go out to the

markets and spend money, then they need something that is going to attract

us. I have spent my money in both markets and will continue to do so as long

as there is something there I want and need.

Andrea Schaefer


Delegate ready

to serve


I am a credentialed Republican delegate. I would be happy to attend the

state convention if it were held at the Grand Sierra Resort on June 7.

However, I have not been contacted by the Republican party regarding the


I paid a $75 fee (plus food and fuel) to attend at the Peppermill event. I

took my day off to be able to vote on the issues and the candidates. I feel

an attempt was made to take my vote from me. It was not a McCain vs. Paul

issue. What is the reason for a convention if my right to vote is hijacked

by a "committee" that I was never asked to serve on in the first place?

An opportunity for the GOP to finish the convention and elect delegates to

the national convention, at no additional event cost to the delegates or the

party is offered on a plate with more than two weeks notice. And it is not

acceptable? The location worked well for the Democrats.

I am willing to attend, anywhere, anytime, The Nevada State Republican

Convention with 48 hours notice. I want to exercise my right as a voting,

taxpaying, U.S. citizen and member of the Republican party. I want to be a

part of the process. Please allow me to do so.

Brook Enos


Car show

a success


On behalf of the Douglas County Senior Center I would like to thank all of

the members of our community who helped to make our Big Mama's Show and

Shine car show the great success it was.

It was our largest and most profitable fundraiser ever, as 152 cars helped

to raise nearly $7,500 for our important homebound nutrition program. That's

over 50 more cars than last year's event and 35 more than our previous

highest total.

This was a particularly challenging year for us. Due to economic conditions,

our traditional sponsorship was difficult to obtain, and cancellation of the

event was considered because of budget and staffing concerns.

But these obstacles only provided an opportunity to see how many wonderful

businesses and individuals there are in Douglas County, who are there for

you with little notice, to help out.

The most influential contributor was Mike Schiller from Golden Nugget

Automotive. Mike believed in the show and felt it was positive for the

community. Mike assisted in all aspects of operations, meeting with us

regularly prior to the event, generating a great deal of our sponsorship

dollars through his business contacts and by stepping up to be the largest

sponsor of the event. He also was there to help the day of operations. The

Young at Heart Senior Citizen Club was a large sponsor as was Big George

Ventures, who along with the Carson Valley Active 20-30 Club were contacted

only days before the event, but made themselves available with the necessary

support. I would also like to thank Russ White, who gave us our start and

the Carson Valley Cruisers, who when they found out we needed there

assistance, threw themselves into the event and turned out in record numbers

to help out.

We established great volunteer relationships this year. The Douglas County

Pageant Scholarship Foundation provided two wonderful representatives in

Miss Carson Valley Christina Keegan and Miss Douglas County Ashton Sunseri

who stepped in to fill Big Mama's shoes and did a great job. We contacted

GE Energy, the 20/30 Club, China Springs Youth Facility, and Rite of Passage

who all graciously provided important volunteer support, and of course, our

own Senior Center volunteers, Douglas County Sheriff and the Douglas County

Parks and Recreation Department.

Other important sponsors included the Carson Valley Inn, AM/PM Park Place,

Minden Taxi, Pic N Save Auto, Iron Horse Cantina, N/C Auto Parts, Jerry's

Rod & Custom, Trevor Thomas and Jerry and Nancy Vandenberg, Mac's Signs,

Andy and Carol Aldax,

Carson Valley Garden and Ranch Center, and Red's Old 395.

Lastly, I would like to acknowledge the tremendous support we had in

marketing this year's event. The Record Courier and Douglas Times gave us

more attention than we could have hoped for. They are always good to us at

the Senior Center, but the interest and care they showed, along with all of

our community leaders mentioned above, played a big role in the success of

our event. We are very fortunate to live in a community where so many

people lend a hand.

Warren Bottino

Manager of Senior Services and Transportation


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