The R-C Morning Report

A 54-year-old high temperature record fell on Monday when the third day in a row of 97-degree temperatures topped the high temperature of 93 degrees set in 1954. Much fresher records were broken on Saturday and Sunday. Those records were set in 2006 and were 95 and 94 degrees.

Today is not going to be nice. A low pressure system is rolling in and bringing with it winds of up to 50 mph. After a couple of months of dry weather, every particle of dust in Western Nevada is going to be headed east. On the other side of the front temperatures are going to drop like a rock. We'll have a 30 percent chance of thunderstorms today and tonight. Then it's finally back down to normal.

The new Minden branch of Greater Nevada Credit Union opened on Monday. Designed to emulate Minden's old flour mill, drive-through service is back in operation today. The former location in the Stratton Center is closed down.

Douglas County commissioners approved their final budget on Monday to little fanfare or comment. Unless things turn around pretty quick, this may be the easiest budget we see for a little bit, and it wasn't that easy.


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