Fire awareness week begins Saturday

Again this year the Nevada Fire Safe Council and many other agencies, including Living with Fire, Nevada Division of Forestry, Bureau of Land Management, University of Nevada, Reno, Cooperative Extension, Nevada Association of Counties, U.S. Forest Service and many others have organized the third annual Wildland Fire Awareness Week, May 17-24.

Members of the chapters thanked Douglas County commissioners for proclaiming the week as Wildland Fire Awareness Week in Douglas County. This year's theme is "It Only Takes a Spark " Will Your Home Survive?"

There are 21 Douglas County Nevada Fire Safe Council chapters that are helping protect their communities, and all other Douglas County communities.

Pine Nut Creek " Blue Bird Chapter. The Pine Nut Creek Chapter was recently expanded to include the Blue Bird Subdivision near Fish Springs. A 2007 wildland fire located at Pine Nut Creek was stopped at 5 acres by fire suppression resources. A previously constructed fuel break was credited for slowing the fire and allowing fire resources safe access to suppress the fire.

Genoa " In 2007 the Genoa Chapter completed 72 acres of fuels reduction work with a total of 480 tons of hazardous fuels removed through community biomass removal, contract crew and mastication work. The chapter is sponsoring their annual community biomass collection point in the cemetery and a pancake breakfast on Saturday.

Job's Peak Ranch Chapter " A 105-acre fuels reduction project was completed through contract crew, tub grinding and mastication. Fuels reduction will continue through 2008.

Jacks Valley Chapter " A fuels reduction project within the community of Alpine View Estates is currently underway. The project includes up to 70 acres and 350 tons of hazardous fuels. Fuels reduction will continue through 2008. In 2007-08 $123,300 has been spent by these chapters with 226 acres treated and 952 tons removed. In the future projects of $445,000 will be committed to the Chapters of Upper Kingsbury, Job's Peak, Foothill, Genoa, Eagle Ridge and Jacks Valley.

Cave Rock " Cave Rock has been completely treated with the exception of a lot that will be treated this year. In 2007 they treated seven properties. Douglas County treated all the county-owned lots in 2007.

Chimney Rock " The Chimney Rock chapter has been awarded a $50,000 grant from the California Clearinghouse.

Elk Point " The Elk Point 2007 project continued into the winter months. They completed half of the 20 acres to be treated and their slash piles are being burned as weather permits.

Glenbrook " Glenbrook finished the 21-acre treatment of Lot-X under budget. With the remaining dollars they are targeting treatment of the two stream environment zones in Lot-X.

Hidden Woods Chapter " Hidden Woods received an NDF grant in 2007 and completed work on 34 properties in four weeks. In 2008 they plan to finish treatment of those properties that had brush work and are waiting on additional funds to remove trees.

Lake Village Chapter " Lake Village did extensive tree removal in 2007 and has nine trees left for removal in 2008. The homeowner association will be using association money to remove the nine trees and complete the project. In 2008 they will be concentrating on brush thinning and plan to complete the entire 52-acre homeowner association by end of 2008.

Logan Creek Chapter " Logan Creek received a grant in 2007 and treated nine properties. In 2008 they will use additional money to target absentee homeowners.

Round Hill Chapter " The Round Hill Chapter received a California Clearinghouse grant in 2007 and treated 56 properties. They have received another California Clearinghouse grant for 2008 and will continue their reduction project.

Skyland Chapter " The Skyland Chapter received two NDF grants in 2007, treating 74 properties with brush removal and tree removal. The Skyland Chapter has received a 2008 $75,000 grant from the California Clearinghouse to continue Phase 3 of their fuels reduction project. It is planned that the majority of the homes will be completed in 2008 with defensible space. During Wildland Fire Awareness Week the chapter will have pine needle and pine cone curbside collection for delivery to Compost Your Combustibles and a Skyland community meeting including presentations about defensible space, invasive weeds, update on regulations, how homeowners can make certain their homes are properly insured and how to identify low fire hazard native plants.

Upper Kingsbury Chapter " The Upper Kingsbury Chapter received a NDF grant in 2007 and treated 54 properties with fuels reduction treatments. The chapter will help homeowners apply for fuels reduction stipends available to Tahoe-Douglas Fire Protection District homeowners.

Kingsbury South Chapter " The Kingsbury South Chapter was formed in 2007 and conducted a membership drive. This chapter has been awarded a $75,000 grant from the California Clearninghouse and is in the process of developing their 2008 project.

Zephyr Heights Chapter " The Zephyr Cove Chapter received an NDF grant in 2007 and treated 58 properties. The chapter will help homeowners apply for fuels reduction stipends available to Tahoe Douglas Fire Protection District homeowners.

Marla Bay Chapter " The Marla Bay Chapter has recently been formed and they are currently conducting a membership drive.

Southern Nevada Public Land Management Act stipends are available to homeowners in the Tahoe Douglas Fire Protection District. The stipends will match 50 percent of the fuels reduction cost on private property up to $1,000.

The Tahoe Douglas Fire Protection District also received a grant that will provide a homeowner with eight hours of fuels reduction work on their property at no charge if they replace a shake roof.


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