In Carson: Man jailed in road rage with off-duty cop

A Carson City man was arrested Tuesday night after he allegedly tried to run a car off the road containing an off-duty deputy, the officer's wife and the couple's son.

Steven Robert Lamarre, 31, was booked into the Carson City Jail on suspicion of felony assault with a deadly weapon, misdemeanor threats, reckless driving, having fake plates on his vehicle and driving without proof of insurance.

According to the arrest report, the deputy called 911 at 8:22 p.m. after he noticed a red truck closely following him northbound on Edmonds near Clearview Drive. The driver was calling out insults and making threatening gestures.

Officers arrived on scene and stopped Lamarre's truck.

According to the arrest report, the off-duty deputy said the red truck was driving erratically and "attempted to run him off the road." At some point Lamarre allegedly threatened "I'm going to (expletive) get you."

The deputy told officers that "his wife and child were screaming and crying because they were so afraid during this incident," the arresting officer wrote in the report.

Lamarre allegedly told police he'd been involved in a dispute with another motorist in a car similar to the off-duty officer's car. In the earlier incident, the other driver had thrown a can of soda at Lamarre's car, then sped off through a stop light.

Lamarre said he thought the deputy's vehicle was the same one from the earlier incident.

"Once he realized that wasn't the guy, he tried to leave but it was too late," Deputy Geoff Rivera said.

In addition to the incident, Lamarre allegedly had a registration tag on his plates that did not match the VIN on his vehicle, nor did he have proof of insurance.

His bail was set at $5,583.


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