The R-C Morning Report

A fire weather watch has been issued by the National Weather Service starting late Saturday morning and lasting through Sunday morning. Isolated thunderstorms are expected to form over the weekend containing little or no rain. Grass and light brush has been pretty well dried out over the past month, so expect them to ignite fairly easily. The last East Fork Fire and Weather Report I heard said the chance of ignition is 88 percent. That's probably gone up, so be careful out there.

According to the National Environmental Satellite, Data and Information Service, the smoke plume being generated by the California wildfires extends all the way to Michigan with pretty dense fingers stretching into southern Wyoming.

We've already heard a couple of reports of fireworks being set off and I expect there will be more. I hear firefighters aren't messing around with people who are careless with fire. More citations are being issued for infractions, and if a fire does any damage those responsible will be liable for the bill.


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