The R-C Morning Report

I reported on Monday that a false alarm of a fire east of Topaz might have been related to all the smoke in the Valley. This morning I open the Wild Web on the Sierra Front Interagency Dispatch Center site and this note appears under Comment: "RP reported fire east of Topaz, then realized he was having a bad dream false alarm." It is referred to as specifically the Nightmare F/A.

The wildfire nightmare is continuing in California, and that will continue to cast a pall over Nevada. The Silver State is coordinating sending units to the California fires, which include helicopters from the Nevada National Guard and units headed off to the Yuba River complex, which is burning 75 acres in heavy timber according to the California Department of Forestry.

According to the smoke plume map, it will be smoky again today. Weather Watcher Stan Kapler said he was playing golf on the other side of the hill over the weekend, and what we had Monday was nothing compared to the smoke in Pollock Pines. We're looking at smoke in the forecast through Wednesday night. Then on Thursday more lightning storms.


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