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The editor in his response to Dr. Pardee's letter quotes the higher authority of the "Associated Press Style Manual" that only MDs, DDSs, DOs, and DPMs can have the Dr. in front of their names.

The same style manual states "Do not continue the use of Dr. in subsequent references." This style manual is thus the ultimate authority for The Record-Courier and its parent corporation Swift Communications. Just last Friday in its Get Involved in Carson Valley piece by Staff Reports, ministers in two local churches were given the Dr. title (I don't think they are MDs). Another article on April 4 entitled "Remembering Martin Luther King Jr." written by the ubiquitous Staff Reports uses the Dr. title in front of his name. I could go on but I think anyone can see that either the style manual is out-of-date, or else The Record-Courier doesn't always follow it. I know that Dr. Pardee received his doctorate degree after a bachelor degree and I think he is entitled to the Dr. in front of his name. I also think that The Record-Courier should be consistent in its policies.

Mike Holderby, JD



I'm having a hard time believing what the editor actually said to Dr. Pardee, "sorry, doc."

What is the editor, eight years old? Dr. Pardee has a right to be upset at the disrespect of this paper, and now the editor has made it worse. Dr. Pardee is a great chiropractor and he and his family have been a great asset to this community and many people respect them. Too bad the editor doesn't. I'm so close to canceling my subscription, after this remark to Dr. Pardee and getting rid of the Sweetwater Notes.

I'm very disappointed in the directions the paper has taken since the new editor has taken over. I think he owes Dr. Pardee an apology.

Deborah Boulet



This opinion goes to all of the people who reside in the Johnson Lane and Stephanie Way area. I have lived in this area for 13 years and don't understand why people who drive on these two roads don't go the speed limit of 45 miles per hour in designated areas. I drive behind people every single day who do 35 mph as they are passing the sign that says 45 mph and it is very aggravating. If you are driving in this area, please pay attention and do the speed limit.

Michelle Costarella



The Park Cattle Co. (Park sisters) attempt to change the zoning on their 4,500 acre parcel should have your full attention. Please read on.

The Park sisters own 4,500 acres currently zoned for one dwelling-unit per 19 acres (236 dwelling-units). There is an option available to large landowners that gives them a 150 percent bonus on their dwelling-unit totals if they cluster them on one portion of the property and leave the rest as open space. (This bonus was recently raised from 50 to 150 percent to help support the ag community.)

With the bonus, the Park sisters would be allowed approximately 600 units instead of 236. Unsatisfied with this number, they're seeking a zoning change to allow "at least 5,000 dwelling-units" on this property. Yes, 5,000. Since population figures are calculated at 2.5 persons per household, this one project would raise the population of Douglas County by approximately 12,500 people, or 25 percent.

What can you do about it? Two things: Call the county commissioners and let them know your feelings. Don't know their number?

Call 782-9821 and ask for it. Secondly, there are three county commission seats up for grabs this year. Call, email or ask the candidates, "How many homes do you support on the Park sisters project?" This question was asked of District 3 County Commissioner Doug Johnson and his challenger Blaine Spires at a luncheon last week.

Johnson, without hesitation, stated he supported the about 600 units in exchange for clustering the lots and allowing for open space. Blaine Spires, on the other hand, spoke without answering the question and had to be asked again for a specific number; he finally conceded that 600 units were currently allotted, but there were other possibilities and options that could change his answer. Spires supports a larger clustering number for this parcel, as do a number of his supporters.

If you speak with Blaine, ask him who his supporters are. Ask if he is willing to go on record with his campaign contributions. Ask him about the Park sisters' project. And when it comes time to vote, vote. Vote for someone who is committed to managing our county so that we can recognize it 30 years from now. As for me, I will be voting for Johnson, County Commissioner District 3.

Leslie Williamson



Recently, I was looking at the Web sites of the various candidates who are running for the county commission when I came across Doug Johnson's site. As I clicked my way through it, I came to a link to his opponent's Web site. I was offended to see that next to it Mr. Johnson had put a photograph of a crying baby. This obvious slap by Johnson was an attempt to discredit Mr. Spires because he is a younger member of our community. It smacked of entitlement, Mr. Johnson believing that Mr. Spires' age is, in some way, a negative that he could capitalize on.

What Doug forgets are the important contributions that young people, who are Blaine Spires' age, make each and every day. If we need help in the middle of the night, likely it will be a devoted young deputy sheriff who answers our call. When fires rage, young firefighters are among those who risk life and limb. There are young teachers entrusted with the responsibilities of educating and molding our children and most importantly, there are heroes younger than Mr. Spires who are fighting and dying to protect us, in hell holes far away from home. To mock a young man for his age, for caring so much about the community that he was raised in that he is running for public office, is an insult to us all.

Wisely, on the advice of others, Johnson has removed the crying baby from his Web site, but the fact that he put it there in the first place speaks volumes about his own judgment, and ethics. Mr. Johnson, and all of the candidates for public office, should realize that there is no respectable place for this kind of behavior in this or any other election.

Stanton Lamb



On June 10, I represented the Carson Valley Vanguard Coalition at the planning commission meeting, at which I gave the commissioners some informational papers regarding the Minden-Tahoe Airport Master Plan. During the meeting, after looking at these papers, a commissioner blurted out "I question the Carson Valley Vanguard because they will not release their membership list, therefore it is a 'secret society' and has no bearing publicly, as far as I am concerned."

Many organizations protect their members right to privacy. The reason we protect our members is for their safety.

My husband and I are 8-year members of the coalition's board of directors. There are people who are involved with the airport who know us, know where we live and do not like us. Our home, and our adjacent neighbor's homes have several times been buzzed by jets flying at less than 100 feet. We will, at all costs,strive to protect our members from this kind of dangerous and unlawful activity and from other types of harassment.

"The mission statement of CVVC is to maintain, protect and promote the Minden-Tahoe Airport as a community airport in a manner consistent with an environmentally friendly quality of life."

In addition to this. we provide a collective voice in airport issues for citizens, many of whose lives are already being heavily impacted by the increased airport's air traffic.

Donna Leveck


Carson Valley Vanguard Coalition Inc.


We can make a difference and convince our Washington representatives that we the people want them to take immediate action to correct the ascending price of gasoline and diesel. The answer, of course, is to become energy independent and allow the domestic oil companies to drill in all of our vast verified oil locations, build new refineries and necessary pipe lines. Additionally, we must resort to building many new nuclear plants to alleviate our growing energy crisis.

The answer is to flood your congressional and senatorial representative with calls, e-mails and faxes demanding immediate action. This issue is not a partisan effort - it is a bipartisan effort.

So, all Democrats, Republicans and independents get on your phones and computers and tell them you're sick and tired of the gas and diesel taxes imposed on all citizens caused by their inaction. It can be predicted that passage of such legislation will immediately inform the OPEC members that we will be independent of their constant gouging and they will begin to decrease their greedy crude oil prices. It has been estimated that within two to three years our independent goal will begin to bear fruit. The only hurdle in the way to achieving our goal will be the EPA (the environmental impact study - this must be waived) and the many screaming like groups.

E.C. Veregge



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