Inaugural 5K/10K draws 155

The inaugural Carson Valley Days Walk, Jog, Run featured 155 participants Saturday morning.

"The Partnership of Community Resources was the sponsor of the event and we're more than pleasantly surprised to see the number of people that came out to share time with family and friends to work on building stronger bodies while enjoying healthy outdoor activities," partnership events coordinator Melinda Matus said.

Participants walked or jogged across the finish line adorned by a bright red balloon arch to finish the race along soothing Lampe Creek.

Registrations were coming in right up until 11:20 p.m. the night before the race for the event which was created as part of the Partnership's family event day.

"The huge response proved that our community really desires events that allow them to get out and participate in healthy, fun events and the Partnership, along with many community partners, made it possible," Matus said.

Matus said she wanted to thank Captain Mike Biaggini, deputies Brett Hicks, James Booth and Sergeant Mick Doan of the Douglas County Sheriff's Office for controlling traffic while keeping the participants safe as they ran down Buckeye and the parade route.

She said she also wanted to thank Western Nevada College, Minden Elementary School, and GE Energy for allowing the use of their properties for the event; the family, friends and Rite of Passage youth that donated time to register, do traffic control and keep our participants safe, Douglas High teacher Keith Cole, Big Daddy's Bicycles, Fleet Feet Carson City, Enterprise Rent a Car, DART, Wal Mart, Cost Co., Soy Joy Bars and Michael Hohl Carson Valley.

All first- and second-place winners who were unable to stay for their awards can pick up their medals at the Partnership office. All results are listed on the Web site.

Results are as follows:

5K First: Davey Fisher, 18:35

5K Second: Robert Shawhan, 19:223

10K First: Mark Pupich, 38:32

10K Second: Derrick Jenkins, 39:05

5K First: Sadie Gastelum, 22:45

5K Second: Natalie Freitas, 23:48

10K First: Whitney Lindsey, 41:22

10K Second: Andrea Lindsey, 42:37

1st Place 0-19: Davey Fisher, 18:35

2nd Place 0-19: Robert Shawhan, 19:23

1st Place 20-29: Chris Allworth, 25:37

2nd Place 20-29: Joe Izodoro, 29:05

1st Place 30-39: Michael Laxague, 25:57

2nd Place 30-39: Robbie Lehmann, 26:11

1st Place 40-49: Robert Gergen, 21:10

2nd Place 40-49: Norm Murdock, 24:35

1st Place 50-59: Gerard Marvin, 25:02

2nd Place 50-59: Edward Martin, 33:54

1st Place 70+: Cy Ryan, 39:53

1st Place 0-19: Derrick Jenkins, 39:05

2nd Place 0-19: Mike Hart, 42:09

1st Place 20-29: Seth Russel, 47:51

2nd Place 20-29: Craig Hoffman, 50:27

1st Place 30-39: Ryan Elliott, 40:22

2nd Place 30-39: William Manley, 44:21

1st Place 40-49: David Norvell, 42:22

2nd Place 40-49: Brian Smith, 56:55

1st Place 50-59: Mark Pupich, 38:32

2nd Place 50-59: Gary Collier, 50:16

1st Place 60-69: Lawrence Winking, 55:18

1st Place 0-19: Sadie Gastelum, 22:45

2nd Place 0-19: Natalie Freitas, 23:48

1st Place 20-29: Jessica Brady, 29:04

2nd Place 20-29: Gladys Garcia, 31:27

1st Place 30-39: Jennifer Roma, 26:24

2nd Place 30-39: Rahael Boyer, 28:35

1st Place 40-49: Julie Dixon, 26:40

2nd Place 40-49: Julie Combos, 26:47

1st Place 50-59: Susan Cowan, 26:45

2nd Place 50-59: Diane Nungary, 33:08

1st Place 60-69: Margie Donaldson, 38:42

2nd Place 60-69: Joy Uhart, 50:28

1st Place 0-19: Whitney Lindsey, 41.22

1st Place 20-29: Andrea Lindsey, 42:37

2nd Place 20-29: Paula Frey, 48:12

1st Place 30-39: Michelle Beall, 49:26

2nd Place 30-39: Roseann Keegan, 50:16

1st Place 40-49: Julie Gansberg, 52:31

2nd Place 40-49: Joanna Kaiser, 52:36

1st Place 50-59: Anne Jeton, 1:03:54

2nd Place 50-59: Cynthia Caldwell, 1:10:33

1st Place 60-69: Raija Oscarson, 1:21:57


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