The R-C Morning Report

Carson Valley Days officially opens at 5 p.m. today when the carnival at Lampe Park fires up. It's Buddy Day and wristbands are two for one.

We had a busy day on Wednesday and will be following up on the accident at Centerville and 88 to find out what happened to the driver in that car.

I'm happy to see Doc Pardee is getting some support. I've received a second letter calling me a black-hearted felon for all the disrespect I've heaped on the chiropractic profession over the last two decades by not putting Dr. in front of their names.

Seriously folks, newsrooms have broken out into fistfights over these issues. You could drive the entire staff of The Record-Courier over a cliff and the next crew would do exactly the same thing. Newspapers buy ink by the barrel, but they distribute it by the inkdropper.


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