Park Cattle files for zoning

An application to change the zoning for Park Cattle Co. has been filed with Douglas County, and is under review by the community development department.

The application affects 4,500 acres of former Dangberg property Park Cattle purchased in 1995. The land is presently zoned agricultural, but higher density is being sought on 1,300 acres adjacent to Minden and Gardnerville.

Park Cattle Chief Executive Officer Brad Nelson said the project is designed to leave about 4 square miles of open space on the west side of Highway 395 while filling in the northern portion of the two towns.

The project as proposed includes zoning for multiple family housing, single family housing, commercial property and an industrial park. Nelson said at least 5,000 dwelling units are anticipated under the requested zoning.

"There will be a variety of housing ranging from $250,000 to $850,000," he said.

The project will connect with Minden along Zerolene Road and through bicycle and pedestrian corridors.

The project isn't expected to appear on the Douglas County Planning Commission's agenda until at least August.

Improvements and public facilities on the property would be built using bonds guaranteed by the value of the land.

It would be two to three years before the project broke ground, if approved and three decades before it was completed.

"The land around us is developed, so this is basically infill," Nelson said. "People need to understand that this is the right thing to do on that piece of ground."

Opponents point out that under the present zoning the master plan allows 236 dwelling units on the 4,500-acre property. With various bonuses for preserving open space and clustering, that number would increase.


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