Restaurant inspections

Inspection Date: July 10

Sierra Nevada Trading Co. - Meat Market - Minden - Score: 98

Dominic's Marinated Salmon not marked with sell by date; No sanitizer in the bucket for the wipe cloths.

Sierra Nevada Trading Co. - Minden - Score: 99

Cantaloupe & watermelon (cut) was dated July 4 and 3 quarts of half & half dated July 9. Removed from shelf.

Rite Aid - Gardnerville - Score: 98

Several gallons of milk - out of date code by 1 day, 1 container of cottage cheese dated July 1, 2008. Removed from shelf; Provide thermometers in all the walk-in coolers and freezers. Correct immediately.

Scolari's - Market, Meat/Fish Dept., Bakery - Gardnerville - Score: 100

Great Job!

Inspection Date: July 21

The New Rancho Grande - Bar - Gardnerville - Score: 100

Good Job!

Papa Murphy's Take & Bake Pizza - Gardnerville - Score: 99

Product scoops stored with handle touching food product in several containers (repeat violation). Store measuring scoops with handle up or obtain new scoops with a longer handle! Correct immediately. Very clean!

Bouquet & Bouquet - Packaged Liquor - Gardnerville - Score: 100

No Problems!

Alpen Sierra Coffee Roasting Co. - Minden - Score: 99

All bare wood in the processing area needs to be rendered non-absorbent by sealing or painting the wood. Correct by Aug. 15.

Inspection Date: July 23

Pacific Gasoline - Gardnerville - Score: 98

Provide a thermometer for the Pepsi cooler next to the windows; Promptly dump mop bucket water after finished and store the mop so it can air dry between uses. Correct immediately.

French Hotel Bar - Gardnerville - Score: 97

Provide thermometer in beer reach-in cooler. New one was installed during the inspection; Peanuts and any other snacks need to be served in an individual bowl rather than the large bucket being used to reduce cross-contamination of the food. Corrected during inspection.

Carson Valley Market - Minden - Score: 99

1 16 oz. container of sour cream out of date code (July 20, 2008). Removed from shelf. Good Job!

Internet Cafe - Minden - Score: 99

Floors in both bathrooms were dirty. Need to be cleaned and done on a regular basis. Correct immediately!

Taco Bell - Gardnerville - Score: N/A

Complaint investigation: Foreign substance (white eggs) in taco meat. Findings: The seasoned taco meat comes pre-packaged is reheated and stored in hot holding unit. No evidence of any foreign substance in the meat (out) nor did I see any problems with the packaged product in the refrigerator. No further action at this time!

Carson Valley Swim Center - Minden - Score: 100

Good Job!

Sharkey's Nugget - Bar - Gardnerville - Score: 100

No problems! Note: Obtain some chlorine test papers to check the dishwasher - needs to be at 50 ppm chlorine residual.

Overland Hotel - Bar - Gardnerville - Score: 99

Drain lines for both soda guns were pinched off. Ensure lines are able to flow. Re-direct the drain line behind the ice bin. Correct immediately. Note: Post current copy of permits.

Lucky Liquor - Gardnerville - Score: 93

Front door propped open allowing insects and rodents to enter. Keep shut at all times or install a screen door. Door closed during inspection; Need a thermometer for the Dr. Pepper refrigerator. Correct immediately; Empty mop bucket after use (full of dirty water) and hang the mop to air dry between uses. Corrected during inspection; Floors in walk-in refrigerator are dirty with debris. Need to be cleaned and done on a regularly basis. Correct immediately.


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