Dayton hospital developer hopes to change agreement

Carson Tahoe Healthcare officials are hoping to change an agreement made in 2007 that would end a sort of Catch-22.

Project manager Don Smit is asking the Lyon County Commission approve an amendment to the development agreement that will allow the company to postpone building a landscape buffer separation at the rear of the property bordering the Sutro Estates subdivision.

The subdivision adjoins pads for medical office buildings, and Smit has said it doesn't make sense to put the landscaping and buffers in before putting in the buildings.

The agreement requires the 10-foot buffer with a soundwall or 15-foot buffer without a soundwall to be installed before a parcel map is approved, but the company can't begin construction on any buildings without that approval.

They have asked that compliance be required before obtaining a certificate of occupancy, rather than a parcel map.

"Without that language, we cannot get our parcel map filed and without a parcel map we can't get our building permit," he said. "It's a tiny little thing, but very, very important."

County staff are recommending the county require the company to provide financial surety as a condition for recording a final map.

County Planner Paul Esswein declined to comment on the matter.


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