The R-C Morning Report

The smoke is expected to linger through the week, but the highs will stay in the mid-90s. In some cases, the smoke will prompt a health alert that means people with trouble breathing should stay in doors, because is won't get any easier outside. The smoke might clear by the end of the week, but don't bet on it.

I was listening to the scanner on Thursday when they were working the fire at 1305 Yellow Jacket. The firefighters are not putting up with any shenanigan. If your kid sets a fire, it isn't going to be a lecture and a pat on the head. The fire folks are serious because the situation is serious. It's dry out and there's no such thing as "playing" with matches. Keep your children on a tight leash for their sake and ours.

I took a long weekend in honor of my anniversary. I kicked it off on Friday by discovering why they call a certain type of anchor screw the thumb ripper. I spent Sunday evening at the emergency room getting X-rayed and taped up after my first-hand look at what can go wrong while working with a table saw.


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