Check registration if you want to vote

Saturday is the last day to change your voter registration without setting foot in the Douglas County Clerk's Office.

That doesn't mean you can phone in your registration. It means that if you sign up through the Department of Motor Vehicles, at a booth set up to register voters or pretty much any place outside of the clerk's office after Saturday, your registration will not go through in time for the primary.

It's a fine point, but an important one. In Nevada, we require someone to register to vote in person, whether that be at the clerk's office or someplace else.

One thing reviewing county commissioners' registration forms taught us was that people don't always remember to change their registration when they move.

If that move takes you out of a precinct, then you might find yourself off the voter rolls for some reason and unable to cast your ballot.

So, if one vote matters, yours would go uncounted. Who knows what sort of damage that would do?

Starting Monday, the clerk's office will be prepared to sign up folks who want to vote in the primary or alter their political designation.

The clerks start adding hours on the last days to get everyone who wants to vote in the primary signed up.

We encourage people to visit the clerk's Web site to determine their registration at You can even download a copy of your sample ballot if you're not sure who's on it.

The vote you save may be your own.


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