Man gets weekends in jail for battery

A 23-year-old Gardnerville Ranchos man was ordered to serve five weekends in Douglas County Jail after he was arrested at gunpoint in December, charged a second time with domestic battery on the same victim.

East Fork Judge Jim EnEarl told Erik Beagle if he violates any term of his release over the next two years, he'll serve 170 days in jail.

"If you drink a beer during the Super Bowl, you'll get to see the second half in jail," EnEarl said.

Beagle was arrested Dec. 12 after deputies were called to his residence at 4 a.m.

"I drank. I got upset," he said.

He served 90 days in jail in 2006 for battering the same woman who was pregnant at the time.

Her 8-year-old son and their 14-month-old son were in the residence when Beagle was arrested in December.

According to reports, the victim is pregnant.

EnEarl placed Beagle under the supervision of the Department of Adult Sentencing.

He must attend 52 weeks of domestic violence counseling and a parenting class, and abstain from drugs and alcohol. He told EnEarl he and the victim were attending couples' counseling.

Lawyer Derrick Lopez said Beagle was the sole support of his family, and his son had medical problems.

n A 21-year-old Minden man is set to appear Feb. 12 in district court on a charge of indecent exposure, charged with running naked in front of Douglas High School cheerleaders who were practicing last July.

Michael Robert King was arrested July 17 after witnesses said a man wearing only a bicycle helmet "streaked" 20 cheerleaders who were at the high school.

According to reports, the naked suspect ran from the front of the school to the back entrance of the football field and disappeared.

A few minutes later, King appeared wearing shorts, a T-shirt, tennis shoes, and a white helmet, riding a bicycle in the area. He was stopped by deputies and initially denied the allegation, saying he was just riding through the neighborhood.

One of the witnesses said the suspect had a hairy chest, so deputies asked King to lift his shirt, noting body hair.

Witnesses had filed two previous complaints about the same subject.

Deputies said King admitted being the "serial streaker," saying he "had been acting like a kid."


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