Groundhog Day a good time to check weather

Saturday is Groundhog Day and if there was actually such a creature living in Western Nevada, we might be able to tell how long it will be until spring.

The legend goes that if the groundhog sees his shadow, there will be six more weeks of winter, which might be relevant in Scotland where the legend started, but has very little to do with how things work in Northern Nevada.

There's little rhyme or reason to the seasons here.

We've had Januarys that have been warm and dry with the mercury hitting 65 degrees and bratwursts sizzling on the barbecue. And we've had Januarys that have been cold and snowy with fog most of the month.

One thing you know about the last day of winter in Northern Nevada is that will often be one heck of a lot nicer than the first day of spring.

We are saying farewell to a pretty good January, with precipitation for the month running at about 107 percent of average.

It's nothing that will balance out last year's dismal winter, but with the weather you take what get.

So here's hoping for a fabulous February and a marvelous March to go with our Jumpin' January.


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