Having babies is so much fun

It was several years ago when our Sunshine Kitty Cat was ready to have babies. She was a beautiful long-haired calico with the most wonderfully bushy tail. She was so cute, she would walk on the sofa behind us and put her little bottom right by our face. The father was a long-haired black kitty and the only unfixed male in our neighborhood.

In the past when we've had kittens, the mom would just find a place in the garage and we'd find the babies once they were born and she did all of the work without our assistance. Anyway, she was due to have kittens.

My husband decided we should put Sunshine in our back room to have our kittens so we could experience the birth with her. So when the day came that Sunshine should have her babies, I made a nice little bed for her in a roomy box and closed the door so she wouldn't escape. My husband was home playing on the computer when all of a sudden she let out a scream that sounded like a lion, not like our cute little kitty.

On the second deafening growl, she bit right into the tip of my husband's leather slipper and her teeth went right into his toe. On the third shrilling roar she bit into the computer's monitor cord and tore it in half. This wasn't a very good idea wanting to experience the birth or at least not with this normally wonderful cat. After a couple of hours, she settled down with her four new babies and her mannerism returned to the loving pet we all love.

This last week our miniature poodle Frosty gave birth to four cute little babies. It is a really neat experience to see babies born right in front of you. I watch as the mom pushes the baby out, tears the bag off and cleans the little face till it starts breathing well. The mom just seems to know exactly what to do to start her little darling out on the right foot but I am always prepared with a clean towel just in case they need help with the delivery process. It is so much fun to have babies.

PiƱon Hills

Elementary School

The ice cream social is set for Friday, May 16 and the PTO is asking you to volunteer. Last year they needed 100 volunteers to make the event such a great success. They are looking for sponsors for the games they will have like a prize wall, shuffleboard, a basketball toss, sack races, cake walk, Plinko and bowling. Your family can do this so please come. Besides the games there will be a silent auction, class basket raffles, hot dogs and of course, ice cream. Please call Stacey Seavy at 267-9484 or Katie Hagmann at 267-6702 if you can help make this event the best one ever.

-- Lisa Welch is a Johnson Lane resident and can be reached at 267-9350.


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