Cub Scouts pick up survival tips

Cub Scout Pack 468 trained with members of the Douglas County Sheriff's Office Search and Rescue Team on Jan. 13.

The training was held at the end of Andria Drive, in the Upper Kingsbury area of Stateline.

Team members regularly train in this area in order to enhance their familiarity with the area.

It is not unusual for the team to be called out to this area for rescue missions several times each year.

The rescue calls for service in this area during winter typically involve injured snowmobilers or lost skiers or snow-shoers.

The Cub Scout Pack members, sponsored by the Tahoe-Douglas Rotary Club, trained in a variety of outdoor winter survival topics such as: safe movement in snowy terrain, learning how to dig a snow cave for shelter, building a safe fire in an outback area, and formulating and heating nourishing liquids to drink.

"What could be a more perfect scenario than to teach our survival skills to youngsters at the same time that we are practicing them," said Search and Rescue Trainer Rod Hogan. "Who knows, one of these boys may need to use these skills someday to survive. It is a double treat that we are able to practice our skills while passing them on to the scouts who are learning how to survive in the snow."

Hogan said he feels that if more people learn and practice winter survival skills, especially children, the easier the task would be for search and rescue member's if they are called out on a winter rescue mission.

Denese Dunt, Den Mother of the Cub Scout Pack, was thrilled as she watched her scouts enjoy the snow while at the same time learning valuable life-saving skills. She said she felt this would be a day they would remember forever, especially if their survival skills were ever needed.

For additional information regarding this training event, contact Douglas County Sheriff's search and rescue member Doug Dill at 783-4388.

The search and rescue team of Douglas County consists of 37 members who volunteer their time and efforts for the preservation of life for those in need. Search and rescue is funded primarily by donations, which are used for the purchase and upkeep of the rescue equipment.

Search and Rescue provides wilderness rescues and searches, water searches and swift water rescues, assists during natural disasters and so much more.

Residents or groups wishing to donate to the search and rescue team or those interested in becoming a member are encouraged to call 782-9930 or 782-9931 for more information.


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