Still dizzy from Fish Springs caucus

Wow, was that ever fast and hectic? I'm talking about last Saturday's presidential caucuses. I'm still dizzy from all the commotion - at least it was like that where I was caucusing at St. Gall Catholic Church. Is "caucusing" even a word? The brochures that I received in the mail (about eight of them) said, "A caucus is a small neighborhood meeting." That was no small meeting that I attended.

There was a tremendous turnout and it was jammed pack with the overflow of people having to stand. It was also difficult for many people to hear and there were not enough ballots. The large hall was filled with people of all ages, especially the elderly and very active citizens.

There were a lot of our East Valley and Fish Springs neighbors there. One very involved citizen from Fish Springs, Leonard Campagna, was voted to be a delegate and also the permanent president for precinct 14 and his wife, Angela, was voted to be the permanent secretary for precinct 14. The delegates have a very important job as they create the party platform. You can call the Campagnas at 783-9112 for more information. Our thanks and appreciation goes to them for taking on these important jobs.

When it was time to stand up and talk about their candidate, two of our Fish Springs neighbors, Kathie Hudson and Steve Warrell, gave excellent testimonies in support of their presidential candidate. Kathie said, "Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness: The life to me is the value of a life, the liberty is to secure our borders and the pursuit of happiness is a good economy."

Steve said, "The candidate you just chose beat McCain, Huckabee, Thompson and Giuliani in Nevada's first ever caucus and the only one with the message of liberty, honest money, peace and free market prosperity represents the surging tide across our nation. A president who pledges and has practiced strict adherence to our Constitution in his 26 years of Congress is exactly what the doctor ordered."

Thank you to everyone who attended this caucus and helped to select our next president.

The fire district wants you. We need some more volunteer firefighters here in Fish Springs. At one time we had 21 active men and women and now we're down to 14 while the community of Fish Springs has grown in population and also in medical and fire calls. If you're interested, please call the Fish Springs fire station at 782-4344 and leave a message or stop by the station any Tuesday at 7 p.m. The East Fork Fire District will give you all the classes you need and lots of fun too. You might even get to drive a "B.R.T."-Big Red Truck.

-- Linda Monohan may be reached at 782-5802.


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