Having your cake ...

In 1967 I met my future husband. We dated for two years but decided to go our separate ways. Then in 1984 we found each other again and realized we still loved each other. By then we both had married and divorced our spouses and we each had a son.

His son got married in 1986 in Las Vegas. Since all of the family on his side was not at the wedding, my future sister-in-law and I decided to give the couple a wedding reception. While we were in Las Vegas, his son kept trying to get us to wed also but that was not to happen as my future husband had told me that he would never wed again.

When it came time for the couple to cut their cake I was told to go sit down.

I had been helping with the reception, so was confused as to why I was not going to help with serving the cake once they had done their part but I went and sat down with the family. My future husband then brought me a piece of cake and told me it was a special piece. I thanked him and told him I needed a fork but again he pointed out that it was special and moved it up closer to me, again I said I needed a fork and then he pushed the plate right up to my chin where I saw a beautiful diamond engagement ring sticking out of the cake.

I turned to look at him and he was on his knee asking me to marry him. I, of course, said "yes" as the room erupted with clapping and flashes going off on cameras.

I kept that piece of cake along with the man who gave it to me. We are still together and I find I love him more every day.


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