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Bodden jurors will hear closing arguments and receive their marching orders today. Karen Bodden is accused of shooting her aircraft mechanic husband sometime during Aug. 15-16, 2006. She's been in jail since Sept. 11, 2006. We'll have details online today and the full story in Wednesday's edition both online and in print.

I'm still trying to figure out how Hillary Clinton won more delegates in the state and yet Barack Obama will have more coming out of the state convention. Then again, the Associated Press has Mitt Romney getting all of Nevada's Republican delegates when he won exactly zero delegates here on Saturday. Technically, McCain won Saturday's contests, because he actually got delegates in South Carolina. Stay tuned, because Saturday was far from the last word in this election and if either Obama or Romney drop too many races, the caucus results will be turned right around at the county and state conventions.

We received less than an inch of snow from the storm that dumped 5 inches of snow near Damonte Ranch in Reno. I rely on my dogometer to report snowfall. If the dog comes back in with snow on her back, it's snowing. If she's wet, it's raining. It was apparently pretty nasty north of here on Monday and there's more snow on the way. The National Weather Service is betting even money that there will be snow showers in the Valley today. The showers are limited in geography, so one place could be getting hammered while another gets bupkis.


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