Obama and Clinton battle at Douglas High School

Fourty-three-year-old Adam Lazear and his wife of the same age Maria Falconieri of Gardnerville said they'd caucus for Barack Obama because he is young and still idealistic.

But 23-year-old Beth Brissenden of Gardnerville said she'd caucus for Hillary Clinton.

"During the last debate, Hillary seemed to be kicking butt and taking names," said Brissenden.

All three were registered Democrats who showed up at Douglas High School's library on Saturday to participate in the Democratic presidential caucus. About 400 people from precincts 7, 14 and 26-28 participated.

Among those participating were high school students new to the process.

"Obama's been a little shaky in the debates and has had trouble keeping up with Hillary, but he's got the best shot at winning the general election and realizing his policies," said Douglas High senior Andrew Solomon.

Because Solomon will turn 18 in March, he was able to register as a Democrat. He has participated in the young Democrats club at his school and will be leaving this week for Washington D.C. to work as page in the senate.

"I like what Obama says about universal health care, environmental policy, and I think he has the right idea on education," said Solomon.

Thirty-three-year-old Carly Strauss, a counselor at Pinon Hills Elementary School, said she was torn between Obama and Clinton.

"But I like Hillary. I think having a woman as president is something we haven't seen and something we might need," she said.

At the end of the day, with the five precincts reporting, seven delegates were elected for Obama, six for Clinton and two for John Edwards.


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