Genoa Democrat caucus comes down to cutting the cards

The winner of the Democratic race of Nevada's oldest precinct came down to a cut of the cards on Saturday.

With 26 votes for Hillary Clinton and 26 for Barack Obama, which candidate got the majority of the precinct's three delegates came down to a the high card.

Obama won the split in the divided precinct after a majority of Democrats backing John Edwards in the first vote switched to the Illinois senator.

Douglas High School senior Anton Anger said it was Obama's message of hope for young people that made him a supporter.

"He's given my generation hope," he said.

Anger said he believes Obama can bring chnage.

"He tells young people that we can't just wait for change to happen, we need to take charge and make it happen."

Edwards backers Brian Williams and John Sacco both ended up moving into the Obama camp.

Williams said he liked Edwards' progressiove stand.

"He's a populist and I'd like to see the party pull to the left."

Genoa was one of five precincts meeting at Jacks Valley Elementary School on Saturday.

About 400 people turned out to the caucus in the north county schools.


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