The R-C Morning Report

The defense begins its case this morning in the trial of Karen Bodden, 45,

accused of murdering her husband and dumping his body in the desert off

Johnson Lane. The prosecution rested its case Thursday.

District Judge Dave Gamble told the jury of 10 women and two men he hoped

they would begin deliberations late Tuesday. There is no court Monday because of Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday observance. Gamble rescheduled his regular law and motion calendar to Thursday so the

trial can proceed on Tuesday.

Governments, schools, banks and the U.S. Post Office will be closed Monday for the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday.

Those of us in the private sector will still be open, however. No disrespect to Dr. King, just business.

The bookmakers at the National Weather Service have increased the odds for snow on Saturday night to 50-50. Whatever's bringing the white stuff will stick around through next Tuesday, allegedly. We'll see when it gets here.


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