District says Meneley roof will be fixed

Some kinks need to be worked out, but Meneley Elementary School's new $746,150 roof, installed last summer, was not a waste of taxpayers' money, said Douglas County School District Business Services Director Holly Luna.

"The new roof is perfectly stable," said Luna. "We have additional work that needs to be completed in the amount of three to four change orders, and when those change orders are completed, you'll have a full system now."

During the large storm two weeks ago, Meneley employees reported that the new roof was leaking. Luna said the roofer was contacted, and upon surveying the scene found that roof ventilation areas needed to be better sealed, condensation lines installed and some areas caulked. She estimated the additional work would cost about $20,000.

Luna said some of the leaking was caused by maladjustment of roof panels and would be fixed for free by the contractor.

"With this particular roof, they do absolutely no puncturing," she said. "When panels are overlaid, there are no nails, no screws."

She said the panels are interlocked together.

"What will happen is that they need to do some adjusting of those interlocking panels, and that's while you'll have some leakage," she said. "Whether it's a particular eve or a sloping issue, they might have to extend something to accommodate drainage in that particular area."

Luna said that's what happened at Jacks Valley Elementary School when they received a new roof about two years ago. She said unlike Meneley, Jacks Valley required no additional construction, but its leaking was less significant.

Luna said she trusts the district's contractor and that the roof materials themselves have a 30-year warranty.

"Now, if it's the same story a year from now, you bet I'm going to hold the contractor accountable."


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