Hawking club field meet begins today

The 37th annual California Hawking Club Field Meet will be at Topaz Lodge and Casino Jan. 16-19. The cost is $40 per person for participating falconers to register and free to spectators. More than 150 falconers, from all over the United States, have already registered with an expected 50 or more participants yet to sign-up.

There will be sky trials by Jeff Blower, lure flying competition by Steve Vasconselles and lure machine demonstrations by Michael Harrison. Thursday night speakers are the Suffrodini Brothers, Friday night speaker is Steve Lyman. There will be nightly raffles during the four-day event and a Saturday night banquet for $30 per person.

This is a rare chance for spectators to see the raptors (hawks, eagles, falcons, owls and more) up close during the day in the weathering yard located in the Topaz Lodge picnic area, between the lodge and the Topaz General Store, Thursday through Saturday, starting about noon each day. It is also a chance to see these raptors working in their natural habitat.

Nonresident Nevada hunting licenses, $21 for the first day, $8 for each additional day plus $10 for an upland game stamp, (for falconers wanting to hunt grouse, cottontail, quail, chuckar or pheasant) are available at the Topaz Lodge General Store.

Ducks require a $10 Nevada duck stamp plus a federal duck stamp. If you purchased a federal stamp in California or any other state, it must be in your possession. There is no license required to hunt blacktail jack rabbits in the state of Nevada.

Information, contact Topaz Lodge and Casino, 266-3338.


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