Commissioners not Brady's constituency

We're dealing with a conflict of constituencies in Douglas County. County commissioners voted 3-2 against reappointing Dave Brady as vice chairman of the county board.

The vote went along the lines we've come to expect, with Nancy McDermid, Kelly Kite and Jim Baushke voting against Brady.

Many are linking Brady's ouster with his outspoken criticism of Douglas County Manager Dan Holler. Brady sought to have Holler fired, but the vote died for lack of a second.

Many of our letter writers have connected the conflict between Holler and Brady and Brady's removal from the post. While the incidents happened at subsequent meetings there may be something to that.

But Brady has also been on the losing end of many important commission votes. The argument can be made that Brady is out of touch with his constituency in this matter, the majority of county commissioners.

Three county commission seats are up for election this year, presently held by Doug Johnson, Baushke and Kite. Only Johnson has announced his intentions for the coming election.

Should the mix of county commissioners go Brady's way, expect him to be back in the saddle.

But until the larger constituency decides it's time to make a change, the commissioner from Minden will have to bide his time.


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