Bodden timeline


Robin and Karen Bodden are married.


Karen Bodden convicted of embezzling $44,000 from the Department of Motor Vehicles.


Aug. 15-16 - Timeframe during which investigators believe Robin Bodden

was killed.

Aug. 17 - When questioned later, Karen Bodden told authorities she last saw Robin on this date.

Aug. 27 - Robin

Bodden's sister

reports him missing.

Aug. 31 - Sheriff's office issues a statement seeking information about

Bodden's whereabouts.

Sept. 10 - Robin

Bodden's body is found above Johnson Lane.

Sept. 11 - Karen Bodden arrested for grand theft accused of taking money from her husband's business from Jan. 1 through Aug. 26.

Nov. 7 - Karen Bodden pleads not guilty in theft charges.

Dec. 9 - Robin Bodden's family holds a funeral for him.


Feb. 15 - Douglas County District Attorney Mark Jackson files a charge of murder against Karen Bodden. Her bail is raised to $1 million.

Sept. 11 - A year after she is arrested, Karen Bodden is indicted by the Douglas County grand

jury for murdering

her husband.

Oct. 2 - Karen Bodden pleads not guilty in her husband's death.

Nov. 23 - Karen Bodden's attorney receives a continuance until Jan. 7.

Jan. 7 - Trial begins


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