The R-C Morning Report

With the results of the Iowa caucus and the New Hampshire primary splitting the race for the Democratic nomination, Nevada's caucus on Jan. 19 may draw some serious campaigning. That means candidates, lots of them. Well at least two, as Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton vie for the lead going into the big primary in September.

The next big animal in the battle over endangered species may be the smallest rabbit in North America. On Tuesday the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announced the rabbit may warrant federal protection as a threatened or endangered species. Pygmy rabbits range include most of Northern Nevada, including parts of eastern Douglas County. Loss of habitat is being blamed for the animal's status. It likes thick sagebrush and loose soil. To comment, go to by March 7.

Looks like we'll be having some more rain today with a 50 percent chance through the day, decreasing as Thursday approaches. The high today will be 41 degrees. Watch out for the ice though, a medical call just came in for a slip and fall accident. It's definitely slick out there.


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