Bad weather brings out good Samaritans

Well, winter finally arrived with a wallop. The storm that raged into the area last weekend left us with a beautiful landscape and much-needed moisture, but an awful lot of trouble as well.

I saw folks out helping one another all weekend. My neighbor, Don, had his snowblower out early both Saturday and Sunday morning to clear driveway paths for himself and another neighbor. I also spotted Mort from Mort's Body Shop zipping down the street on his ATV, complete with snowplow attachment, clearing sidewalks and leveling out snow near driveways to make the transition to and from the road a little easier.

Later on Sunday, we were inside watching the football playoffs when we heard the big snowplows making their way through the streets, breaking up the ice and snow to make for safer travel.

Slippery roads and blocked driveways are an inconvenience to be sure, but those poor folks affected by the levee break in Fernley are facing much more serious issues. One way to help the relief effort is to make a donation to the American Red Cross Northern Nevada Chapter Local Disaster Fund. They are located at 1190 Corporate Blvd. in Reno and their phone number is (775) 856-1000. You can access their Web site at

A passion for


One of the treats I look forward to every Christmas is a special edition peppermint-flavored ice cream that Dreyer's puts out. It's only on store shelves for a short time and I always pick some up to enjoy throughout the holidays.

I visited numerous local grocery stores a multiple of times in a vain search for this seasonal treat. Apparently plenty of other people enjoy it too, because each and every time I looked, there was none to be found.

If I asked, I'd get the same perplexed look from helpless grocery store employees, probably wary of the slightly crazed look in my eyes.

"Sorry," they'd say, shrugging their shoulders. "We're all out."

One innocent fellow even ventured to tell me that they'd had, "a whole case just this morning. They went really quick."

I felt my jaw set and I'm pretty sure my nostrils flared, based upon the wide-eyed look he gave me. It was all I could do to not stick out my tongue.

So the other day I was (again) craving something sweet. I went into Sugar Daddy's, the new ice cream shop located near Silver Strike Lanes in the Tillman Center. They carry a wide variety of flavors, all supplied by Tahoe Creamery. Imagine my delight when, near the end of the cases, I spotted peppermint!

I figured I'd better take the opportunity while I had it. A single scoop just wasn't going to cut it. I went ahead and bought a pint and was not disappointed.

Since it's a seasonal flavor, it might not be there the next time I go, but that's OK. There are plenty of other varieties to try.

Sugar Daddy's is located at 1281 Kimmerling Road, suite 9B. Their phone number is 265-0410.

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