The R-C Morning Report

The winds will start to pick up on Thursday heralding three storms expected to roll into Western Nevada. The National Weather Service issued a high wind watch starting late Thursday and continuing through Friday afternoon. Gusts of up to 60 mph are possible with higher gusts in the foothills. If you're headed into the desert, watch out for dust storms.

The wind could blow in heavy precipitation starting Friday night with rain and then snow levels will lower to the Valley floors by daybreak on Saturday. All this depends on how much storm is left on the back end of the wind, which tends to shred these things going over the Sierra. If you're betting, I would say back away from the weather service's 100 percent and go with 4-5 odds we'll see something down here.

Douglas County and the Town of Minden are holding a meeting 5 p.m. today to hash out their respective roles as water purveyors. Technically, Minden is an advisory board to the county, but it also has the largest number of water rights in the Carson River Basin. That complicates the relationship between the two considerably. The meeting will be held in the CVIC Hall on Esmeralda.


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