Science fair results from Minden Elementary School

In first grade, Ethan McKinney won first place for Incandescent vs. CFLs.

In third grade, Ryan Barnes won first place for Balloon on a Stick, Kelsi Smith won second place for Soil Temperature, and Taylor Stokes and Allison Atkins won third place for Sno-2-H20.

In fourth grade, Leah McKinney won first place for Bye-Bye Bacteria, Cameron Whybrew won second place for Soap vs. Hand Sanitizer, and Dylan Galliett won third for Which Paper Airplane Will Fly the Fastest?

In fifth grader, Sedona Ewbank won first place for Is Fabric Softener Flammable?. Taylor Harker took second for What Liquid Keeps Apples Fresh? Cooper Whittemore won third place fo Climate Crystals.

For sixth grade, Amy Cullen took first place with Which Goat Eats Grain the Fastest? Brennan Callahan took second for What Homemade Invisible Ink Works the Best? Shaelin Moorefield won third place for Choco Cocoa Melt.


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