Gov. Gibbons' marital woes become public

Gov. Jim Gibbons was unavailable Thursday to comment on growing rumors his marriage is on the rocks. But he and his wife Dawn were reportedly planning to decide what to do about the situation this weekend.

Dawn Gibbons was in Las Vegas and also unavailable for comment.

The rumor has been the hot topic in Nevada political circles for several weeks. While media outlets and at least one Washington blogger are reporting divorce papers have been filed, a check of Nevada court clerks revealed no such filing.

It was also unclear which one of the two was supposedly seeking the divorce.

There have been rumors off and on since before his election a year ago that the couple was having marital problems.

Those rumors were brought to a head just before his election when Gibbons was accused of making a pass at a Las Vegas cocktail waitress in a parking garage outside a bar. He denied any improper conduct and Dawn supported him through that controversy.

The rumor mill charged that Gibbons was served with divorce papers Wednesday but that's not likely since he was in Washington D.C. for the winter meeting of the National Governor's Association and didn't return to Nevada until late Wednesday.

She attended the association meeting with him but returned to Nevada a day earlier.


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