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Transparency and accountability in government are at the top of the list for a new nonpartisan political action committee that wants to support qualified candidates in Douglas County.

"We are looking for honest, transparent, thinking representatives who will give weight to the wishes of the electorate, not special interests," said Steve Swabacker, chairman of Citizens for Accountable Government, "It's something Douglas County residents expect and deserve, but aren't getting."

Constant turmoil between citizens and local government have been the rule over the past couple of years, a practice that is both wasteful and time-consuming, Swabacker said.

"We're focused on identifying qualified candidates and getting them elected to create a more accountable commission," he said.

Three spots on Douglas County's five-member Board of Commissioners will be up for grabs this election year.

Commissioners Jim Baushke, District 1, and Kelly Kite, District 5, will be stepping down after they complete their four-year terms.

District 3 Commissioner Doug Johnson will be making a bid for his second term.

CAG is searching for candidates with moral integrity, independent thinking, leadership skills, good communications and above all, the will to protect the welfare of Douglas County residents.

"Specific interests are successfully recruiting candidates and getting them elected," said CAG member Jo Ann Orange. "We are here to support candidates and give them the help they need financially and educationally, to get the government we need."

In addition to supporting local candidates, CAG will be checking those not facing re-election to see if their voting record is consistent.

"Some commissioners are transparent speaking to the public about their positions," Swabacker said. "You have to it drag out of others. They aren't transparent."

The members of CAG number just over 20, but they are focused on getting the best candidates into office, Swabacker said.

"Governing is tough. This group is passionate about government," he said. "Getting them to agree is huge, but they did agree that they want transparency and accountability."

Susie Vasquez can be reached at or 782-5121, ext. 211.


Anyone interested in supporting CAG can call Steven Swabacker at 267-1608 or email him at


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