Path to peace in recreation

One of the keys to having a nice place for people to go is to have a way to make sure it stays nice.

The two pathways on either end of Minden and Gardnerville will be nice places for people to walk, take some sun and in some cases even fish.

Their attraction will be the island of quiet close to the bustle of daily life.

While discussing the path earlier this month, Gardnerville Town Board member Tom Cook raised the specter of motorized vehicles using the path.

Motorized vehicles are not allowed on the path, and manager Jim Park told board members that they contact the authorities when someone violates that rule.

There are always going to be a few people who feel public property means that it is theirs to abuse.

But Martin Slough and its pathway is too important to all of us to allow those folks to do their worst without consequence.

It serves as both drainage and flood control. The wetlands along its bank serve as an important biofilter and it provides habitat for birds and other creatures.

The slough was an important connection for ranchers when it was dug and it will remain an important connection between residents of central Carson Valley and their natural heritage.


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