Horizon eviction case begins today

Saying it's a fool who makes a decision after only hearing one side, Judge Dave Gamble seated a jury of four men and eight women in the lawsuit pitting Park Cattle Co. against the owners of the Horizon Hotel.

Gamble told jurors that their duty was to remain alert for all of the seven-week trial after they were seated on Monday afternoon.

The jury contains four alternates and will begin hearing the case this morning with opening arguments from both sides.

Horizon owner Wimar Tahoe Corp. and Park Cattle are suing one another over Park's attempt to evict the casino from their property.

A casino has leased the property from Park Cattle since 1962, first the Sahara Tahoe and then the Horizon.

Park Cattle also owns Edgewood Golf Course and the land under Mont Bleu.

At issue is the upkeep of the Horizon, which Park Cattle alleges has been neglected.

Attorneys for both sides outnumbered the jurors in Gamble's district courtroom on Monday.

Jurors were issued notebooks to keep track of the evidence during the long trial.

Only six jurors will have to agree to render a verdict in the case.

Jury selection took most of the day on Monday when potential jurors lined up outside of the door of the Judicial and Law Enforcement Building in Minden.

Last week, the Nevada Supreme Court rejected a petition asking it to intervene in the case


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