Wartime romance blooms in peace

This is a true story of how my dad met my mom.

At a church social, my mom was 16 and my dad was 25. My dad came up to my mom and introduced himself, but my mom snubbed her nose at my dad because she was already engaged to another man. A few years later, my dad was in the Army and by coincidence he was in the same quarters with the man my mom was engaged to. My mom's boyfriend could not write, so he had my dad write what he told him to write to my mom. My dad suggested he would say in one of the letters: "In your sweet arms I would love to sleep."

My mom's boyfriend said, "No, don't write that." My mom would never write him back. Unfortunately, my mom's boyfriend was killed in World War I. My dad went to see my mom after the war, married her April 21, and I am the youngest of nine children.

They had a wonderful life together. My father's name was Adrian Post, and my mother's name was Laurine Willett.


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