For TV, one guide instead of two

Yes, I know the phone will ring Friday. And ring, and ring, and ring.

We've made a business decision to put out one weekly TV guide instead of two, starting this week. That means that the weekly TV guide will come in the Sunday edition. But not in Friday's paper, too.

Most of you won't mind. Some of you will mind very much. The readership of the TV guide, while small, is devoted and doesn't always take well to change. We know this, sometimes quite painfully.

We didn't take this decision lightly. But in these economic times, we simply need to exercise more discipline as a business, just as most companies here and across the country are doing now.

We're not taking a product away. We're not reducing our service. We're just trying to be a little smarter about what we do.

The Record-Courier subscribers won't see a price difference; the Sunday paper comes complimentary from the Nevada Appeal. And if you happen to buy The Record-Courier from a newsstand just for the TV guide, we'll make it a little easier on your wallet.

You won't have to buy a Sunday paper to get the weekly TV guide. Just drop by our office on Highway 395 and pick up the guide at no charge.

I hope you understand, and that you forgive us if you have counted on getting your TV guide on Friday in addition to Sunday. Our aim is to keep improving our reach overall through the very wisest investments in resources to do that.

Please don't hesitate to call me if you disagree, or if you have anything else on your mind you'd like to discuss. After all, this isn't really our paper. It's yours.

Don Rogers, publisher of The Record-Courier, can be reached at 782-5121, ext. 208, or


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