The R-C Morning Report

Douglas County commissioners are meeting today to deal with the resignation of their chairman and the potential departure of the county manager. I say potential because Grass Valley doesn't vote until Friday. Also up for discussion the proclamation recognizing Feb. 3-9 as Food Check-Out Week in Douglas County. Just a little something to point out that we Americans can go to the supermarket and buy pretty much anything under the sun, thanks to agriculture.

I failed to warn Californians that it might be slick on the roads Wednesday due to all the Obama campaign spin. I realize there's putting the best face on something, but the math is against them so far. Even the Associated Press is putting Clinton ahead by more than 100 delegates, which is 10 percent. They call it a dead heat, but it's a better margin than the Clintons ever had when they won the White House. Can Obama still win the Democratic nomination. Sure. But this whole Pythonesque "Let's call it a draw" thing is getting old.

Besides being Chinese New Year, it's going to be too nice outside today to stay indoors and work. The high temperature today is expected to hit 54 degrees in Minden with mostly sunny skies and nothing but a slight dip in temperature on the horizon.


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