Woman working two jobs, living in shelter to pay restitution

A 50-year-old Carson City woman who owes more than $100,000 restitution and lives in a shelter told a District Court judge she is working two jobs to make payments.

Robin Ecklund was sentenced in 2005 and ordered to make $750-a-month payments to the victim. She faces up to 10 years in prison.

After Gibbons was told on Monday that Ecklund couldn't live in California until she had permission from state probation officials, he asked if she could work in California and maintain a residence in Nevada for supervision.

"The court doesn't want to cause a problem between two states, but this case is one that cries out for a creative solution," Gibbons said.

Ecklund said she had a newspaper delivery route, but her car broke down and she was paying someone for gas to help deliver newspapers.

Probation Officer Jorge Pierrott said Ecklund could not live in California without permission.

"We would be violating interstate compact rules. It would cause problems later on," he said.

Ecklund pleaded guilty to embezzling more than $150,000 from Marquis Title and Escrow Co. At her sentencing in September 2005, Ecklund turned over $22,235 she had in a bank account.


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