Naked dirtbiker enters diversion program

A man who deputies arrested after receiving a report of a naked dirtbiker riding on Sunrise Pass Road was allowed to enter a diversion program for people facing felony drunken driving charges.

Tyson Degenhart, 32, had a .27 blood alcohol content on Sept. 14, more than three times the legal limit of .08.

Degenhart was on probation for a second DUI at the time.

Degenhart eluded police on the dirtbike, but crashed a mile down the road, where he was taken into custody.

He's been in jail ever since, something he said contributed to his desire to participate in the diversion program.

"I've never spent this much time in custody before," he said. "It gave me time to think. It reminded how much I took my freedom for granted."

As part of the diversion program, Degenhart must spend six months on house arrest. He then must spend 3-5 years going to weekly court hearings to determine if he's remaining sober.


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